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Breathe [1/1]

Pairing: Can be read as Morgan/Prentiss or gen.
Rating: PG
Summary: "Breathe," she mumbled. "Just breathe."
Prompt: Morgan / Prentiss / Just breathe
Notes: The first part of this would be set sometime in season four, and the second takes place during "Lauren". (She actually says the words in the episode.)

"I told you, I don't need to be in the hospital—the case is still—" Prentiss's words dissolved into a fit of coughs that racked her entire body. Morgan took her by the shoulders and gently pushed her back into a seated position on the stretcher. The EMT gave him a grateful look and started moving toward the ambulance. Morgan followed along side.

Prentiss glowered at him from behind her hand. He didn't wait for the last of her coughs to die down before speaking. "The team is going to be fine without us for a couple of hours. What you need to do—"

"No," Prentiss said, her voice scratchy. She pulled her hand away from her mouth. "He got away, and he took Katie Lindon with him—his profile—he's going to—" She winced and dropped her hand to her sternum, fingers spread out over what Morgan was sure was going to be a nasty bruise. Getting shot through Kevlar would do that to you.

"What you need to do," Morgan repeated, louder this time, because the EMT was loading the stretcher into the ambulance, "is count to ten and use that pretty mouth of yours to breathe."

And stop using it to berate your partner whose heart is still racing from watching you get shot in the chest. He decided to leave that part out.


The safety of the gun clicked back on and Emily didn't have enough air left in her tightened lungs to breathe a sigh of relief. This was all she needed. She needed to distract Doyle long enough for the team to get there, needed to push him into losing his cool and making a mistake so that she could regain the upper hand.

What you need to do is count to ten and use that pretty mouth of your to breathe. Derek's words came back to her with stunning clarity, almost bringing fresh tears to her eyes. She let her head drop and took a slow, shaky breath. "Breathe," she mumbled. "Just breathe."
Tags: author: cait, character: derek morgan, character: emily prentiss, fandom: criminal minds, pairing: morgan/prentiss, type: fanfiction
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