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[Criminal Minds] Two drabbles.

Characters: Reid, Morgan, Prentiss
Rating: PG
Summary: "C'mon, talk to me, kid. Help's coming, but you've gotta stay awake."
Prompt: 56. Harsh Revelations for 500themes
Note: Quotes are from "Identity" and "No Way Out".

“Reid!” Morgan’s voice comes to him as if from underwater—far too distant, considering that Reid can feel Morgan’s hands on his face, can feel Prentiss’s hands pressing into the gaping chasm in his chest. “C’mon, talk to me, kid. Help’s coming, but you’ve gotta stay awake.”

Reid’s thoughts were blurring and sliding over each other, none of them staying long enough for him to fully grasp them.

Where are you going?
Taking back the last five minutes of my life.

Reid, stop. Please.

It’s funny, really, that the one time they want him to talk is the one time he has nothing left to say.

Characters: Reid, Prentiss
Rating: PG
Summary: "Hey, what are you wearing?"
Prompt: Reid/Prentiss, P for Phone Call (fun_french_fri for my Criminal Minds A - Z Drabble Meme)
Note: ...I tried to make this longer, but it just worked better as dialogue.

“Hey, what are you wearing?”

“Who is this?”

“…It’s Emily, Reid.”

“Why are you asking what I’m wearing? I saw you ten minutes ago.”

“I was—”

“It would be completely illogical for me to have changed clothes in that span of time.”

“I was kidding, Spencer.”

A pause.

“Do you have the geographical profile yet?”
Tags: author: cait, challenge: 500themes, character: derek morgan, character: emily prentiss, character: spencer reid, fandom: criminal minds, type: drabbles, type: fanfiction
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